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Discover the powerful impact that positive, personal connections bring to family, youth and professional relationships.  
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Improving outcomes with the families you serve will increase your personal rewards, as well as your organization's growth potential. To learn more, or to arrange a no-obligation consultation, simply contact us at your convenience.



POSITIVE FAMILY & CLASSROOM CONNECTIONS is a premier provider of Human Services and Educator Training, and Program Development.  Our goal is to support service providers and teachers in their efforts to make more of a difference in the lives of the children and families.  Achieving positive outcomes, improves lives.  That's your goal...and ours.

Because our quality standards are high, our professional associates are among the best in the business. Our goal is to always deliver quality training and program development support. We want you, our valued customer, to be happy. Here is a list of our primary services.

Human Services & Youth Services - Professional and Program Development

Whether you work in the field of social work, mental health, juvenile justice or youth development, your goal is to help those you serve achieve meaningful outcomes.  Discover how to achieve more with each personal contact.  Be the change agent you strive to be! 

Sample Training Topics

Tools for Positive Impact - an 8 Hr. Workshop on Trauma - it's impact and trauma informed care
Positive Discipline Parent Educator Certification
Advanced Parenting Skills for Foster Parents

Improving Outcomes with Families Receiving Prevention Services
Parenting Children with Special Needs

The Impact of Trauma on the Brain, and
Trauma Informed Care

Positive Guildance & De-escalation Skills
Fostering Cooperation in Your Youth Program

Early Childhood Educator Training

Drawing from the nationally recognized programs of Positive Discipline and Nurturing Parenting, discover how to transform your early learning classroom and center into a place where children thrive and learn the skills they will need to enter Kindergarten ready to succeed!

Parenting Education and Coaching

Providing topic-specific workshops, multi-session parenting classes, as well as in-home and on-the-phone coaching.  Parents receive training that is sure to change their relationships with their children and households for the better.  Here's what parents are saying.

"I think I've been a good parent, but now I can be a great parent! I wish I'd had this training when I was in high school."  Single father of an 8-year old.

"I can't believe how just listening to my kids and spending time with each of them has changed my entire household...my grandson told me I was the 'best grandmama ever' the other day...it made me feel so good."  Mom raising 5 grandchildren, nieces and nephews

"This training not only changed my relationship with my daughters, it changed how I treat everyone - friends, co-workers...everyone!  Single mom of 2 young daughters